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About the company

PEGAZ Transport Services

PEGAZ Transport Services

PEGAZ Transport Services Wieslaw Rychel was created in 1988 as a company that provided transport services for domestic and later international.

We have only checked and well recognized trucks made by Mercedes with an average age up to 4 years old.

Owners and employees efforts have been noticed by our clients which resulted in contracts with important companies from Europian and international markets.

In 2002 the company gained a Certificate of Profesional Competence, later it was rewriten to a License which matched the legal requiments of 2004.

In December 2002 Pegaz started work on the introduction of a quality system based on the latest European standards and in July 2003 was granted the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Our characteristics are proffesionalizm, reliability and delivering goods on time.

If you need a trustworthy shipper whose main aim is safety, then ou can trust us. Contact our office using one of the following number:

phone + 48 76 831 33 93
phone + 48 76 831 33 94
phone/fax. + 48 76 834 50 04
mobile + 48 602 254 849

or in person – see how you can get to us usługi transportowe



Business profile

PEGAZ specialises in domestic and international fowarding and haulage.